Why Use SBA 504?

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SBA 504 loans: a good solution for borrowers and lenders

With SBA 504 loans, you can offer your small-business clients low-rate, fixed financing with a low down payment. And the shared financing structure of SBA 504 loans means less risk for you. Help your small-business borrowers access the capital they need, at a competitive interest rate.

Benefits to Lenders:

  • Low loan-to-value ratio (usually 50%)
  • Lower reserve requirement
  • Reduced credit risk
  • Self-Help handles the SBA paperwork
  • Build banking relationships with growing businesses
  • CRA credits


Self-Help’s SBA 504 Expertise

Self-Help has been making SBA 504 loans since 1993, lending to businesses across the state. We work closely with borrowers to make loans work. And we handle the SBA paperwork, making the process easier and more efficient for everyone, from application to funding.